Well…it’s official. Someone other than my direct (and small) circle of friends and family has read my blog. Possibly two people. I know this because they commented on my comments about Ignite Raleigh.

The first was Chris Moody. Shout out to Chris —- http://twitter.com/cnmoodyhttp://www.chris-moody.com/blog. He replied to my comments about his talk “Everyone needs a Dumb Guy” and explained:

Great feedback!
The main point of the dumb guy concept happened to fall into the last few slides (which you may or may not have heard thanks to the “that’s what she said slide”). That was poor planning on my part because I assumed that I could still cover material despite having a funny slide. My bad there. 🙂
The point is that you need someone dumb enough to listen to customers without proposing solutions.  If you don’t get the voice of the customer, you will fail.
When the videos are up, I’ll do a more comprehensive explanation of the concept on my blog, but no it isn’t a pitch to keep my job… I’m doing quite alright in that area. 🙂

First….that’s awesome for him to actually be receptive to criticism, and even more awesome that he took the time to explain it to some random guy (me) who blogged about his talk. Kudos. I’m now following Chris on Twitter, and the buzz surrounding Ignite Raleigh is interesting to watch.

Next up was a comment explaining who (as I put it), the “McLewen guy was.”

I wasn’t there, but I presume the “All Media is Social” guy was referring to Marshall McLuhan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marshall_McLuhan

Again…awesome that someone found the blog, and let me in on the secret about this mysterious supposed expert of things  considered social media.

I think a lot of the talks might be better when i watch them again (once they post the videos). There are a couple that, like i said before, really hooked me with the concept, but just didnt keep me engaged during the talk. But…at least they had the guts to stand up there and give a talk.

I’ve been thinking what i would talk about if i gave an Ignite presentation. I came to the conclusion that it would need to be something that was funny. Those were the best ones that kept people engaged and entertained. Then i started thinking that it’s got to be something off the wall…something that people kind of lean their head to the side and go “wha?” So…after barely any deliberation at all, i thought that maybe the Meatless Marvels idea would be a good one to talk about. You know…meatless eating for people who love meat….like me. I’d have to do a lot of prep before hand, but it could be interesting. Eh….who am I kidding….i’d much prefer to watch other people’s presentations about random things like cats who get jobs, and femtroopers making imperial marches on my pants. But it’s a thought…

Anyway…all in all, I’m impressed by the banter surrounding Ignite Raleigh, and I’m glad i was there to experience it first hand.

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