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I have now officially joined the ranks of people who will say that “you don’t know what tired is, until you have birthed and looked after twins.”

And that’s after 2 days….yeah…i’m serious. I’m seriously tired.

The twins had a rough night last night, and so today I switched placed with Melody’s mom. I hit the bed at the hotel at 10 and didn’t budge until 2 when mobius woke me up to take her outside. Then i crashed again until 6, when i went and picked up some food and supplies, and headed back to the hospital.

The girls are doing great…I posted more details over at spawnwatch.com…but right now I am rethinking the daily blog. I may go to a weekly format, or i may attempt to switch to more of a photo blog with captions or something. All i know, is that i am super tired, and that’s after getting 8 hours of sleep today. Who knows how bad things will get once we bring the babies home.

Ainsley and Isla are doing great. Ainsley is still in her rave-inspired light bed of fun…looking like an x-man getting his powers or something:

Isla is doing well too…sleeping a lot today apparently, and hopefully she’ll do the same tonight.

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