Sunday…still at the hospital

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So, we’re hoping that today is the day we get to go home.

They took both the babies for the car seat test this morning, around 6am or so. Basically they need to put them in the car seats for an hour, hooked up to a bunch of monitors for blood pressure, and other levels. It’s basically a test of the babies, not of the car seats…just to make sure they are healthy enough to sit upright in a seat. Considering since they were born, they’ve basically been laying down constantly, I was reassured that they both passed the car seat test with flying colors.

There was a chance today that we wouldn’t get to bring everyone home today. Ainsley is still dealing with jaundice, and Melody is still recovering from trying to martyr herself and leave me with two little miracles. But….Ainsley was checked, and her Billi-rubin level was just barely where they were comfortable taking her off the light bed. She was only a couple of decimal points away  from having to stay, but they let us go, with the instructions to come back in the morning for a blood test.

And just like that…. we were taking two babies home. The next chapter of this adventure officially begins.

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