Blood Tests and Billi-Blankets

Posted by usaussie On September - 20 - 2011 0 Comment

Today we had to take both babies back to the hospital for blood tests, to make sure they were moving in the right direction (away from jaundice).

Both Ainsley and Isla did really well…not crying really at all, except when they got the blood test (in the heel of their foot).

This afternoon, we got the results back from the blood test, and they weren’t exactly what we had hoped. Isla’s sample had clotted, which means she has to go back tomorrow for another test. Ainsley’s level was 15.6…and the cut off was 15.0. That means she has to go back on a billi-blanket at least until tomorrow. We had a medical supply place deliver a billi-blanket to the hotel tonight…the guy got here at 11:45pm….and now Ainsley will be sleeping with it wrapped around her 100% of the time (except when feeding and being changed of course).

Hopefully tomorrow, when we get the next blood tests, she’ll be under 15, and therefore won’t have to wear the blanket anymore.

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