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Since Ainsley and Isla were born, we’ve been on a new schedule. Every 3 hours, we feed them, then burp them, then get them back to sleep, and Melody pumps. By the time that all finishes, we have, on average, about 45 minutes to sleep before the next rotation begins. If we’re lucky, we get about 90 minutes…but that’s been rare.

The twins are great….i mean..our exhaustion is not directly from them. For the most part..once they are put down in between meals, they sleep though until we wake them up. The exhaustion comes from the trouble of not getting enough “good” sleep throughout the day. Melody’s parents have helped with that, and we are very appreciative of that. I for one, have been able to get one full night’s sleep while they took care of the night time feedings with Melody. Of course, Melody doesn’t have that option, as she has to be up for feedings. And, while the twins are still on supplementing feedings with formula (in addition to 20 mins on Melody), she has to be awake every time, without exception.

But…it is of course, all worth it. We really love our babies, and they appear to love us too.


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