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That’s how many days since my last blog post. It’s probably also the number of hours Melody has slept since Ainsley and Isla arrived. I really intended on blogging at least once a day, even if it was just a short sentence or summary about what happened…but that was not to be. I am only sitting down now because the babies are two months old, and they’ve apparently decided to give me a few minutes of peace after I just fed them. Who knows how long it will last.

So…i figure i’ll do this post in bullet point form. Random thoughts I’ve had over the past couple of months, in no order of implied importance or relevance. I’ll be hitting post as soon as the babies need me….so here goes…see how far i get:

  1. I love Ainsley and Isla so much its ridiculous. They are awesome. Before i had my own children, I wondered if it was some kind of insider secret about how you have unconditional love for your kids. Turns out…nope…it’s just there. I want to see them all the time. I don’t want to go to work each day, even on the days where I know they are fussy and are going to have a hard time. I mean, don’t get me wrong….its not as tiring at work….but i still don’t want to leave them.
  2. Im convinced that there’s nothing more difficult in life than looking after multiple children. I’ve heard that having twins is not twice as much work as a single baby..it’s more like 3 times as hard. And I’d believe that.
  3. Melody is amazing. She gets less sleep than I do. She gets more stress during the day as she’s looking after them…and she handles it all so well.
  4. It is important to figure out a routine that works for both the babies and the parents. Our schedule is now: Melody goes to sleep around 7 or 8pm. I look after the babies until around midnight, feeding them twice (1 bottled breast milk, 1 bottled formula). Melody wakes up and takes care of the babies all night until I get up around 6am or so. I watch the babies while she goes to shower and eat something. Then I go to work around 7, and get home around 4 or 5. We hang out for a couple of hours together, and then she goes to bed. She breast feeds every feeding during the day.
  5. Cloth diapers aren’t as difficult to put on the babies as i thought they would be.
  6. When babies have a cold with a sore throat/stuffy nose….their breathing sounds like zombies who want to eat your brains. The cutest zombies ever that is.
  7. Isla looks very impish…and like she’s always plotting a scheme of some sort. She almost completely closes her eyes, and looks side to side like she’s casing the joint. It’s super cute.
  8. Ainsley has had a hard time, with her acid reflux for a while now, and i hope she gets over it soon. It cannot be pleasant. At least now she’s a happy/smiley spitter upper.
  9. I feel guilty about not spending as much time with Mobius as I used to. I hope she knows why.
  10. I was hesitant about ever having more than 2 kids, and I’m not sure my mind has changed, but i can see why people have one set of twins, and decide to have more. They are so much work, so so much work…but they are so awesome.
  11. I like to snuggle…and babies are awesome for that. Isla especially likes laying down with her face about 2 inces from mine and just staring at me. It’s really cool.
  12. Before the babies, Melody and I usually stayed up talking and watching TV until around 11 or midnight. We then slept until i woke up at 6am for work. My schedule is very similar now, but I am so so very much more exhausted all the time now. I don’t know why…i mean…i do…but on some level it doesn’t make sense to me. I guess it’s just the stress or the constant looking after the babies each night for 5 hours, instead of doing what I used to…watch TV.
  13. I’ve put on about 30 pounds since Melody went on bed rest. I am not happy about that, but i haven’t started to remedy that situation yet. If my 30 extra pounds translated in any small way to having 2 awesome and healthy babies…then i wouldn’t change it for the world. However, my logical mind says my weight has nothing to do with it…so it annoys me that i let it get this bad.
  14. Melody gets upset that i’m rushing the babies….but i really can’t wait until i get to talk to them or at least have an expression conversation with them.
  15. It still freaks me out when i say in my head “I have 2 daughters.” For some reason it sounds different when i just say i have 2 babies. I guess it’s that “daughters” has a future context to it…..meaning im going to have 2 women to look after. Crazy.
  16. I wish I earned more so that Melody didn’t have to go back to work. It’s hard enough for me to go to work each day, but it’s going to be hard for melody in January, as she’s really been connected to these 2 bundles for 12 months.
  17. Baby poop doesn’t freak me out.
  18. Cloth diapers are awesome for the wallet, but not awesome for the nose. As soon as they get “used” they need to be changed…and quickly.
  19. I was never too much of a procrastinator, but now that’s not an option. Because the babies could need something at any time, I have learned not to put off simple (or complex for that matter) tasks….as you might not get back to them. That’s why i take the opportunity to do my web work whenever i can…at 5 minute increments if necessary. It’s why i make sure to clean the kitchen each night before i go to bed…because if i don’t…i’ll need to do it while the babies are screaming at me the next day.
Gotta go…babies need me. More later…probably not for a while though.
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